October 21, 2008

San Jose Earthquakes v Houston Dynamo

Next up at Robertson Stadium was the San Jose Earthquakes on October 15, 2008. The Houston Dynamo use to be the San Jose Earthquakes and this new team was formed two years after the Dynamo moved to Houston. Rumor has it that the Dynamo are a little put out that the new San Jose team wears two stars over their crest. Stars that the Houston Dynamo won as the original San Jose Earthquakes. This match should prove interesting.

Houston got on the scoreboard early. Kei Kamara took a shot at the goal that bounced off the side of the goal post and landed in front of Stuart Holden who kicked it in for the first point. The Dynamo were off to a fast start and it looked like San Jose was in for a long night. However, a few minutes later Kei Kamara was given a red card and had to leave the game. This happened around the 12th minute of the match and Houston would now have to play one man down.

From there the match slowed down. It was pretty much back and forth until San Jose scored in the second half to tie it up. As hard as the Dynamo tried they could not establish any good scoring tries. At the 90 minute mark with the match tied 1-1 the sidelines announced 3 minutes of stoppage time. This match looked to be over until about 45 seconds left Nate Jaqua took a shot at the San Jose goal that bounced off the side of the goal post again .................................................... and landed right in front of Stuart Holden who kicked in the winning goal. Unbelievable, the Dynamo had beaten the San Jose Earthquakes 2-1 in the last 45 seconds.

Stuart Holden of the Houston Dynamo celebrates after scoring the first of his two goals against the San Jose Earthquakes.

Ryan Cochrane of the San Jose Earthquakes slides in and knocks the ball away from Geoff Cameron of the Houston Dynamo.

Stuart Holden of the Houston Dynamo keeps the ball away from Jason Hernandez of the San Jose Earthquakes.

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